Rainbow box options for the whole family to enjoy 


SERVE 10-12 $70

Lemon Meringue

Macadamia white chocolate base, filled with zesty lemon jelly, citrus infused coconut cream and vegan meringue. 


Macadamia white chocolate base, filled with vanilla bean infused coconut cream. Topped with vegan meringue, chunks of passionfruit jelly, pomegranate jelly and summer fruits. 

Salted Caramel, Fig and Pecan

Pecan and fig crust, filled with salted caramel sauce and a caramel infused coconut cream. Fresh figs and pecan praline.

Peanut Butter cup

Walnut chocolate base, filled with peanut caramel, cacao coconut cream and crunchy peanuts. topped with a solid chocolate layer and an array of chocolate nut elements. 

Deliveries held 20th-22nd December.

$10 applies.

Collection available at our mooloolaba kitchen 24th December 8am-2pm.


Rainbow Raw Rounds 

16 RAW ROUNDS --- $80

One of each of our raw round flavours.

  • mint chocolate

  • triple chocolate

  • raspberry white chocolate

  • orange chocolate

  • bountie

  • snickers

  • spiced chai and mandarin 

  • raw carrot cake 

  • salted caramel 

  • cookies and cream 

  • violet crumble 

  • pineapple lime and coconut 

  • lemon and blueberry 

  • mocha

  • cherry ripe 

  • mango macadamia

Rainbow Brownie Bites

24 MINI BROWNIES --- $60

Loaded with a mixtures of flavours. 

Rainbow Nice Creams

8 NICE CREAMS --- $25

in a mixture of flavours. 

Salted Caramel Sauce

300ml of our salted caramel sauce --- $15

Perfect as an accompaniment to your desserts.  

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