Our next local delivery is June 28th


Where are you located?

15 rosebed street eudlo, 4554 

Community garden is open 7.30-5.30 for you to use. 


Where do you deliver to?

We hand deliver all our products to the Sunshine Coast region between Cooran and Glasshouse Mountains every Friday 6-10am. 


How do i store products once delivered? 

All products (apart from salads and sponge/cupcakes) are delivered frozen and can be kept frozen for three months. Salads and sponge products are delivered at fridge temperature and they can be kept in the fridge for up to seven days. If you have any left over cake pieces, brownies or canapés they can be re frozen. Once dessert products are defrosted for the second time, they must be eaten within two days of defrosting. Products must be kept in the fridge at all times. They can be displayed at your event for up to one hour before slicing and serving.


How do i cut the cake? 

For our raw style cakes, use a large, heated, sharp knife. The knife may need to be dipped in hot water + then dried every few minutes.

We recommend cutting our cakes in a checkerboard shape to yield the required serves. 


Are all your cakes gluten free and vegan? 

All our cakes, no matter what flavour or style are ALL Gluten Free, Vegan,  Refined Sugar Free. They do contain nuts. 

MEALS - Our meals range may contain soy in some of the recipes.