Our next local delivery is June 28th

holiday mode

Officially In holiday mode. We’ve had a great break so far. Spending slow days at home, doing some Reno’s and even had some family portraits done. The last year I’ve found myself in a head spin focusing and pouring passion and every into the business. It’s easy to lose track of the why. This week was very overdue and needed. Re appreciating what this is all about, loving parts of our old home again and just spending time together as a family unit. I’ve had time so far to think, sleep earlier and read the bed time stories, brain storm recipe ideas and have some fun with my kids and partner in between. I’ve realised just how much background work takes up and intrudes on family life each week... which is so normal for every working family. But I would like to focus on a better balance next week when we return to the kitchen. Back for next Friday jan 18th deliveries with orders open now through the website.